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WildStar Bot

Want to try some WildStar botting? Well here’s your chance! This WildStar bot is one of the best bots out there. It comes with ready-to-use profiles for questing, grinding and PvP, and best of all it is cheap!

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WildStar Bot 65 Votes

Hearthstone Naxxramas Bot

Ever wanted to try Hearthstone botting? Well now you can! With this Hearthstone Naxxramas bot you will be able to get from rank 20 to 12 in just 3.5 hours with a simple Warlock zoo deck!

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Hearthstone Naxxramas Bot 145 Votes

Diablo 3 Bot

Tired of spending countless hours to get to max level? Want to get the best items for all of your characters? Look no further because this Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls bot is the best bot out there!

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Diablo 3 Bot 75 Votes

RuneScape Bot

Ever wanted to try a Runescape bot? Well now you can! – This awesome Runescape bot is packed with tons of features. Choose between tons scripts, level up all your stats, acquire millions of gold and much more! This awesome Runescape bot has it all, and best of all it is completely free!

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RuneScape Bot 28 Votes

Hearthstone Bot

So ever since I started playing Hearthstone I’ve been getting smashed by all of the high rank players who have been owning up the ladder with all of their legendaries and epic cards. After having played for a couple of hours a day for the past month without getting any of the cards that I wanted I finally decided to try some of the Hearthstone bots out there.

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Hearthstone Bot 266 Votes