Clash of Clans iOS Hack

Are you tired of not having enough gems? Don’t want to spend a fortune in the in-game shop? Want to hack gems without getting banned? This is the Clash of Clans iOS hack they don’t want you to know about!

Unlike most of the other hacks out there, this one is quite special. The other hacks that we’ve seen have all been game modifiers. This means that you download a program, run it and then change the variables of the packets on the fly. This will most definitely get you banned in the long run because it is EASILY detected and it’s basically stepping on the warden’s toes.

The Clash of Clans iOS hack that is shown here will work in a different way. It starts by reading the memory of the game from an external host, checks for the encrypted packets containing the gems BEFORE they’re sent to the user, bypasses the encryption and then injects the new value. It sounds quite simple, but it is in fact very complicated. This will NOT get you banned for one simple reason: it cannot be traced back to you.

Clash of Clans iOS Hack – What’s Can You Expect?

  • Get unlimited gems with this Clash of Clans iOS hack!
  • Completely free!
  • Ban proof! This hack can’t be traced back to you

No more gem shop!

Clash of Clans Hack – How does it Work?

Now for all you tech gurus out there, this is how the Clash of Clans hack injects the gem values:
The game packets are split into multiple messages. A message will be displayed in a char format at first, then in a byte format. If we paste these values into an editor we will get the following:

  • ID: 1 bytes
  • Length: 1 or 2 bytes
  • Content: <value> bytes

Now if we change this value to for example 99999 before the packet gets sent, the given user will end up getting 99999 gems! This is basically how the in-game shop works aswell, you pay for some gems, the program replaces the old value with the new one and you get the gems. The only difference is that we have to go through the encryption which instantly makes it a million times harder.

clash of clans ios hack proof

Never pay for gems again!

How to use the Clash of Clans iOS hack?

All you have to do to use our Clash of Clans iOS hack is click on the download button on the bottom and you will get redirected to our hack host. Input your username and the amount of gems that you want and our host will do the rest for you. The changes should take effect almost instantly depending on the delay between you, our host and the game server.

Thanks for reading, and as always, good luck! :P

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