Eden Eternal Download

Eden Eternal is a free to play MMORPG developed by X-Legend and published in North-America by Aeria Games. The game has been praised for its beautiful Japanese styled graphics and the innovative gameplay and guild system. This Eden Eternal download will feature a full version of the game with all of the features.

The game starts out as any other MMORPG, you create a character and set out to discover the world. The difference is that you can unlock ALL classes for your single character! There are in total 19 classes that can be unlocked where each one has tons of different specializations. The classes will be unlocked at certain levels, and as you train your class you will be able to unlock new and more powerful skills that can be used in combat. Eden Eternal is an open world game, which means that you can go wherever you want at any given time. Play with your friends, make guilds, join groups and travel deep into dungeons, defeat legendary bosses, level up your character – it’s all up to you in this amazing MMO!

Eden Eternal Download – What’s Included?

  • Fully featured Eden Eternal download for PC
  • Level up to 75 and defeat epic bosses!
  • Build your own town!
  • Five expansive continents loaded with breathtaking raid-style dungeons!
  • Choose your character race and customize your outfit!

Eden Eternal – The Story

The game starts out with you being found trapped inside a mysterious blue crystal, and you have no memory of anything that has previously happedned to you. You will then set out on an epic journey to find out what happened to you and put an end to the troubles that have been appearing around the world. In order to survive in Eden Eternal you will need the help of your allies, so remember to join a guild and make some friends!

Download Eden Eternal – How to Install

Step 1: Register an account.
Step 2: Download Eden Eternal for PC.
Step 3: Play the game!
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Thanks for reading, and as always, good luck! :P

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