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So ever since I started playing Hearthstone I’ve been getting smashed by all of the high rank players who have been owning up the ladder with all of their legendaries and epic cards. After having played for a couple of hours a day for the past month without getting any of the cards that I wanted I finally decided to try some of the Hearthstone bots out there. This bot is meant for the old Hearthstone, but we also have a Hearthstone Naxxramas bot.

When I first started using this program I was able to win about 50 % of the games on the early ranks with a starter Warlock deck, which really isn’t anything special, but when you wake up to a whopping 400g you realize how awesome it is. After having tried it on a fresh account I decided to give it a shot on my main. With my best cards I was able to put together a pretty cool Zoo deck which turned out to win 72 % of the games, with a win/loss of 23-9, and I managed to get to rank 12 from 20 within 3.5 hours. After having used the bot for a week I’ve also been able to acquire a total of 1040g, thats enough for 10 card packs! The bot also gets pretty good winrates in the Arena mode as cards are not a limiting factor there. The best I got was 10 wins. ;)

Hearthstone Bot – What’s Included?

  • Fully working with all of the 713 cards
  • Fully featured, unlimited usage and completely free!
  • Runs in the background so you can do whatever while it’s playing
  • User friendly UI with customizable settings
  • Select your opponent for practice mode
  • Play with custom classes
  • Track the win/loss ratio
  • Earn up to 400 gold per account while you sleep!

Keep in mind that you can use this program for multiple account at the same time. Imagine having 10 bots and getting over 1500 gold per day! The possibilities are endless!

About the Hearthstone Bot

The hearthstone bot itself usually goes for 20 €, but you can currently get it for free because it has been cracked by arMa, someone I hadn’t heard of before but as long as the bot works he gets a thumbs up from me!

To be able to earn 400 gold in a day, the bot has to win enough games to get 100 gold from Play mode, aswell as be lucky enough to get and complete 3 daily quests worth 100 gold each. I guess the average you can expect is about 160 gold per day per account, which really isn’t that bad for no work at all! I would definitely recommend some Warlock deck as these are the ones I’ve gotten the best winrates with as they don’t require all those expensive cards. You can check the deck that I used here, but if you own Leeroy it would definitely be better to use him than two Argent Commanders.

Let’s say a game takes 6-7 minutes (the program plays pretty fast), and you win 50 % of the games. That means it takes about 6 hours to get 100 gold, and during that time you should also have completed all of you daily quests which means you easily get 160-400 gold. The winrate and how fast the games are obviously depends on the cards you own, but with a few rares you’ll be able to achieve pretty good stats, easily 50-70 % winrate at rank 12-20 like I did. If you add a few more accounts you’re ready for some sick shit!

The Hearthstone bot supports all of the 713 cards. It works in all of the current game modes (ranked, unranked and arena), works with all of the classes and runs in the background so that you can watch a movie or whatever while it farms gold for you. Personally I keep it running during night and so far it hasn’t crashed a single time, it’s also very easy to use as it comes with a nice user interface.

In the picture above you can see that I’ve gotten a 23-9 win/loss ratio with silverfish settings and a Warlock Zoo deck with just a few rares and common cards.

Hearthstone Bot – How Does it Work?

As far as I know the program reads from the memory of the game to determine which cards are out on the board and which cards you currently possess in your hand. It uses this information to determine the best possible play. If you’re wondering if Blizzard will ban you when you use this bot then I have to say that I don’t know as I haven’t used the bot for too long. I would recommend you try it on some fresh battle.net accounts as just to be safe and see how it goes. All I can say is that quite a few people are using the bot and I still haven’t seen any ban reports.

As you can see from the picture above the bot comes with a simple log so you can track all of the plays, aswell as some easy to use drop down menus for different features and a win/loss tracker to track your score.

Hearthstone – About the Game

For those of you who haven’t played Hearthstone yet I recommend it as it is currently one of the best TCG games out there. The game is made by Blizzard and we all know that they deliver the highest possible standard when it comes to gameplay, design and updates. The only problem that I’ve found so far is that it takes a lot of gold (or real money…) to get all of the good cards required to play on a competitive level. If you look at the streams of for example Hafu and Kripparrian you will see that they have some amazing cards in their deck. With this bot you can get that too!

If you have any questions about the bot and how to use it don’t hesitate to post a comment on this blog. I will try to answer all of the questions as fast as possible.

Sounds good right? Hit the download button to get the hearthstone bot for free. Good Luck with your Hearthstone gold farming! :P

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  1. weird says:

    “Earn up to 400 gold per account while you sleep!”

    if you try to ruin game with bots thats fine but atleast dont lie because you are only able to get 100gold per day.. unless you sleep 4 days

    • Brohacks says:

      If you actually bothered to read the post, you would know that I said “the average you can expect is about 160 gold per day per account”, and that the 400 only applied to those who had 3 daily quests worth 100g each. Notice the “up to” part, but everyone who plays the game knows this.

  2. Zang says:

    Is it better than the one on hearthbuddy?

  3. Tinny says:

    How safe are you with this? I how much risk is there of blizz catching you and banning your acct?

    • Drake says:

      No one, I repeat, NO ONE, has ever been banned for using a bot in the whole entire history of HS. There have been people who say ‘yeah I use bots’ to massive gaming newspapers and they still have their accounts.

    • Casey says:

      When you use this, you have to expect Bliz will catch you. You use it at your own risk. If Bliz bans you, thats YOU’RE fault. No bot is 100% undetectable, so cheat at your own risk.

  4. Shaki says:

    I’m just checking if i can comment.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Can anyone recommend a bot that will run on a Mac?

  6. Remy says:

    Used hearthcrawler for some weeks now and I’m really happy with the result. Got my golden portrait and so on :)