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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends both speed and intensity with the elements of an RPG. With a ton of unique and powerful champions, two teams battle it out head-to-head on all of the different battlefields and game modes. With a never-ending roster of champions, exciting tournaments and frequent updates, League of Legends offers endless amounts of gameplay for both beginners and veterans in the genre. With this League of Legends download, you will get access to all of the content for free.

The game has been developed and published by Riot Games for both Windows and Mac, and has been inspired by similar games within the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. The game follows the standard free-to-play system, where you have the option to buy skins and such with micro-transactions – without falling into the pay-to-win trap. League of Legends has been out since October 2009 and has had great success as it is one of the most popular online games ever made with over 27 million people playing it daily and over 67 million playing it monthly as of 2014.

League of Legends Download – What’s New?

Choose from over 119 champions with this fully featured League of Legends download! Play as a tank, assassin or a support class, gain levels and become the MVP of the battlefield by practicing your skills in this award winning MOBA game. Take on the mighty mid-lane and defeat the opposing enemy champions to win the game by taking out enemy towers, buying the best items, and finally taking out the enemy Nexus!

  • Fully featured League of Legends download
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League of Legends Free Download – About the Game

Riot Games, the developer and publisher, was co-founded by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill. They partnered up with Steve Feak, the previous game designer of the popular Warcraft 3 custom map Dota (Defense of the Ancients), and Steve Mescon, the admin of the former official support base for the map to develop League of Legends. By modifying the original DotA and using it as a base for the game, Guinsoo made DotA Allstars. Version 6 of the map was then passed on the a new developer, IceFrog. With this League of Legends free download you will get to experience the true potential of a MOBA game.

The idea was to create a stand-alone game with its own engine. League of Legends was born after realizing how much fun and innovative this new game was. Riot Games officially opened its office in September 2006, and had over 1000 people working on League of Legends.

According to the game developer Marc Merrill, when creating all of the different champions in the game, instead of having a few people working on them, they decided to leave the creation process open to everyone in their company so that they could vote on the champions that they liked the most. These would then be added to the game.

A closed beta began on April 10, 2009, and was later changed to an open beta in October 22, 2009, all the way til the realse. An OS X client was also released in March 2013.

League of Legends Register – The Game Modes

League of Legends features tons of different game modes. Beginners may start out with the Tutorial Mode, a place where you can get to know the basics of the game, or the Custom Mode, where players can create their own games without relying on the matchmaking system to choose one for them, the Classic Mode, where you can play either 5v5 on a 3-lane map or 3v3 on a 2-lane map, the Domination Mode, the mode where you win by controlling at least 3 of the 5 neutral towers. Others modes are ARAM (All Random All Mid), One for All, Showdown, Hexakill and Ultra Rapid Fire – so there’s really tons of replayability in this game. Check out all of these modes by going to the League of Legends register button at the bottom of this page!

League of Legends Sign Up – The Gameplay

The gameplay in League of Legends, even if it might seem simple at first, requires a lot of practice to master. To be successful in this game you have to communicate with your team mates at all time and make up a strategy to beat the opposing team. You must choose a champion that suits your playstyle while at the same time bringing something useful to the battlefield. To play this game, click on the button below, you will then be redirected to the League of Legends sign up form where you can register an account and download the game.

At the beginning of a map you start out at your spawning location. You must then decide which lane you want to push out on. There are 3 lanes in total: top, middle and bottom. As the game goes on you will earn gold, this can then be used to buy powerful items and potions to aid you in battle. Gold is slowly gained over time, but is mostly gained by killing enemies and champions on the battlefield. By killing enemies you also get experience which will let you level up and unlock new abilities. The team that takes out the enemy Nexus first wins the game.

Download League of Legends – How to Install

Step 1: Click on the League of Legends register button.
Step 2: Register an account.
Step 3: Download League of Legends.
Step 4: Play the game!
Step 5: If you liked this post share it with your friends!

And as always, thanks for reading and good luck! :P

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