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Pokémon Go is an incredibly popular and innovative game that conquered the world as soon as it got released. It has an innovative, never before seen gameplay mechanics that combine real life locations and clever software solutions. Pokémon GO players create an avatar on their Android or IOS device and play the game by walking and collecting different Pokémon in real life locations.

Competition is fierce and the game itself requires a significant time investment. Game tracks the movement of the player via GPS and uses the distance traveled to allow the Pokémon eggs to be hatched, among other things. Pokémon GO is a free game, but there are things players can buy to gain access to certain benefits. Because the game is a source of a lot of fun, but requires a large portion of player’s free time, few clever Pokémon GO hacks were developed. They allow the enjoyment of the game without the mentioned time investment and provide additional features.

Start out with Pikachu as starter Pokémon

Pikachu is the most famous Pokémon to ever exist in pop culture. Adorable little Pokémon was one of the main protagonists of the popular cartoon and is generally thought of as the face of the entire franchise. Yet, Pokémon GO offers three Pokémon as a starter, none of which is Pikachu. Still, this is not a problem because there is a smart Pokémon GO free hack that allows players to start out as the beloved Pikachu. It is quite easy too.

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When the time comes to pick between Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle simply turn around and start walking away. Rinse and repeat a few times and do not lob your poke boll at either of the three default This Pokémon GO free hack is pretty famous by now, and is featured in many Pokémon GO hack reviews, as it allows you to pick the most popular Pokémon from the get go. Since it is likely an intended game feature, it might not even be an app game cheat. In the end, it matters little, as the purpose of the game is to have fun!


Evolve Eevee into any Pokémon

This Pokémon Go hack allows you to have any Pokémon in game by evolving Eevee. As any cartoon aficionado knows, each Pokémon evolves into a larger version of itself, but Eevee is an exception. It can evolve into a fire, water or electric type of Pokémon, and it is usually random. However that is where this Pokémon GO legit hack comes in.

Scroll down to where Eevee’s name is, click the little pen icon and change it. If you want her to evolve into Vapereon (the water type) name her Rainer, for Jolteon (electric type) name her Sparky, and if you prefer Flareon (fire type) name her Pyro. This quick and easy Pokémon GO hack will let you evolve Eeve into any Pokémon! This cool hack allows you to enjoy the game on your own terms, there is no reason why you should be stuck with Vapereon if your preferred Pokémon is Jolteon, for example, so make sure to use it to evolve Eevee into whatever you want. You can even collect multiple Eevees and create all three types, or even an army of them. Creativity is key when playing Pokemon GO, and this clever hack will allow you to make best use of your innovative way of thinking!pokemon-go-hack-tool-download-340x200

Green and pink leaves are important

While playing Pokémon GO you will encounter green leaves on the map. These leaves are not just a decoration and serve a very important purpose. Always walk toward the leaves because they are a sign a Pokémon is nearby. Make sure they align to your own pink circle and try to catch them.

Pink leaves, on the other hand, mean that a stranger decided to throw a ‘’lure’’ in that area, which means there is a possibility all kinds of Pokémon can be there. Use the kindness of the strangers and collect Pokémon they attracted. Green and pink leaves are indicators, so you should definitely use them to your advantage. With clever thinking and cunning tactics you can use them to your advantage with great efficiency, and create the most impressive collection of Pokémon in your neighborhood!pokemongohack

Trade extra Pokémon for candy

Professor Oak is a loveable mentor to Pokémon trainers, and is featured in Pokémon GO too. Besides having an advisory role he can be used to acquire extra candy. Candy is used to advance, or evolve, Pokémon you already have. Sometimes you will catch Pokémon you are not bent on keeping for yourself, and you can use one simple free Pokémon GO hack to build a steady stockpile of candy.

In case you do not want to keep the Pokémon you collected turn it over to Professor Oak. He will provide you with some candy in exchange and you will be able to focus on developing your existing Pokémon collection. It is wise to power up your Pokémon before they evolve, because the evolved version will turn out to be way more powerful that way.

Do not waste the Poke balls you have

Yes, it is tempting to catch every single Pokémon you see, but always be mindful about your Poke balls. Excitement of a new Pokémon lurking behind the corner is strong, and we do understand the need to catch them all, but be weary of overspending your Poke balls.

There is a quick and easy Pokémon GO free hack that lets you always have enough Poke balls however! If you throw the ball and miss the Pokémon, you can quickly tap the ball and swipe it back, effectively putting it back in your inventory. Now you can use the same Poke ball again to catch new Pokémon and either use them for more candy or keep them for your collection. Use this hack to never run out of Poke balls and catch as many Pokémon as possible!

Collect all Pokémon!

While it is true you can gather an insane amount of same type Pokémon over time, it is crucial to start collecting them all. Besides the fun experience that each and every little hunt provides, there are numerous game benefits that come with gathering as many of them as you can.

Reason for this is the already mentioned candy. It is worth mentioning twice how important candy is, it helps buff the stats of your Pokémon and those same stats get even higher once Pokémon evolves. If you want to have a strong collection use this Pokémon GO candy hack – catch them all and turn over to Professor Oak. Candy will make your Pokémon invincible!

How to download Pokemon Go hack for free!

It should come to no surprise there are people in the world who already managed to catch nearly every type of Pokémon. After all, gamers are nothing but dedicated people who love to complete different challenges. Because of these individuals we now know that some Pokémon are locked to different continents, and some legendary ones require Pokemon GO ios hack to be performed.

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So do not worry if you don’t have a full repertoire of all possible Pokémon in your collection. Legendary Pokemon, like Mewtwo, are rumored to be tied to special events in real life. So expect to catch them during a special holiday or generally an important date of some kind.

Always remember that Pokémon GO is all about fun! We will talk about some IOS and rooting hacks you can download to access Pokémon GO android hacks and access premier content the game has to offer in other articles. Tips and hacks mentioned above are advice for all trainers who aspire to be as best as possible in this wonderful game. They allow you to spend less time playing the game but still create a powerful army of Pokémon with whom you can dominate your neighborhood!

Remember that the ultimate Pokémon GO hack is to play with friends, as the game becomes much better in pleasant company. It does not matter if you compete against each other or play for the same time and work towards similar goals, as long as you have a lot of fun doing it you are winning the game. Added benefits are numerous adventures that can happen while going for a walk to catch Pokémon, because of its unique nature the game will take you places where you likely usually would not go. There is a lot of potential for unforgettable adventures in there, but remember to always be safe.

Go out there and explore all those hotspots, the game will surely make you daily life more exciting and provide you with countless hours of entertainment. It will keep you healthy too, as all that walking helps with both physical and mental condition. Being outside during a sunny day, catching Pokémon with your friends is a perfect way to spend an afternoon!








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