Pokemon Go Gps Hack

The hottest game of our time, Pokémon GO charmed the masses and it seems like everyone has it on their Android or IOS device. Wherever you go you will see people walking around and attempting to create a fascinating Pokémon collection. Combination of nostalgia and a fascinating implementation of augmented reality mechanics make Pokémon GO a perfect phone game for everyone who likes to be active and walk around looking for clues on where the next elusive, rare Pokémon is.

Because some rare Pokémon are located only in certain parts of the world, and because people sometimes want to play the game the conventional way by sitting back and staring at their screen, hacks exist. Plenty of creative ways to manipulate the game are already established, from benign and simple ones to complicated hacks that even might get you banned. Still it is a game, and gamers wouldn’t be gamers if they did not try to play around with the very nature and core programming of the game.

Pokémon GO is based on movement. Idea of the game is to walk around and collect different Pokémon you can later develop and evolve. Game requires significant time investment and urges people to stand up, go for a walk, and explore the outside world. While this is an innovative concept and generally a good thing, some of us did find it hard to separate several hours a day to keep the Poke ball rolling. When time, or lack of it, becomes an issue one has to adopt alternative ways of playing the game.

Creative GPS Hacks for Pokemon GO

Enter hacks. Pokémon GO has a lot of creative GPS hacks in place, from simulated walking to IOS hacking, and they all aim to make the game easier for everyone who finds it impossible to stroll around the neighborhood and collect Pokémon all day. Pokémon GO hacks are free and exist to adapt your game so you can enjoy it as you see fit. Some IOS hacks require you to mess around your phone programming, but some are rather simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes. There’s been a large variety of ways people attempted to go around rules and limitations of the app, from phone cases to drones, to people engaging in complicated electronic hacks.

Multiple hardware based solutions exist to the problem that is actually spending hours outside to catch those elusive Pokémon. Instead of using new software to alter GPS coordinates that are being broadcasted to your Android or IOS device, a particularly well made Pokémon GO GPS hack uses a radio-frequency shielded box. They combine the box with a signal generator and create a fake GPS signal which your devices picks up as a new location.

What happens next is custom software uses Google Earth and a control device to change the signal so it looks like you are walking by faking the location of your IOS or Android device. With this setup you can become a world traveler from the comfort of your own desk! No Pokémon will be too far, and you will be able to manipulate the signal in a way that allows you to catch them all, no matter where they are. So have a drink, sit back and relax and cruise Google Earth for rare and exotic specimens!

What Are The Drawbacks When Using A GPS Hack?

However there are a few drawbacks when it comes to this Pokémon GO GPS hack. First and foremost, you will have to own a lot of uncommon equipment. Some of Pokémon GO players might not have a signal generator, RF-shielded box, and other rare hardware that this hack requires. Not to mention skill to do it all is required, although the entire process is far from complicated. Some skill is still needed, which is far from reach of many people who are not tech enthusiasts.

Still there is no doubt this impressive Pokémon GO location hack proves just how dedicated and creative gamers can be. Hacks are usually impressive, but with the unique nature of Pokémon GO and their GPS based game play, hackers around the world managed to devise devious but extremely creative ways to cheat the system. Be aware that Pokémon GO hacks can get you banned however, and developers did say that they will not tolerate attempts at cheating. So our advice is to admire the creativity and nefarious nature of different hacks from afar, but do not indulge in it yourself unless you want to try your luck and risk getting banned.

Cheating and hacking is almost a game within a game for some, as is modifying and altering base game code. While this can sometimes be used to harm other players, sometimes it is innocent and only shows the incredible amount of creative thinking some people perform. There are a lot of apps that let you alter your GPS phone signal in existence too. These apps allow you to simply change your GPS location with a click of the button. They are easy to use, but a bit less versatile than the solution described above.

Once you download one of these apps you will be able to trick your phone into thinking you are somewhere else. Once you choose the location a notification will usually pop up in order to allow you to switch back to the original GPS location. Some of the apps will present you with a map of the world, so all you really need to do is zoom around and choose where you want to appear to be and double tap on the screen of you IOS or Android device. So according to Pokémon GO, you will be on a different location, so better get ready to chase the Pokémon located there!

Where To Download Pokemon Go GPS Hack?

These apps are usually easy to download and use so you will not need extensive tech knowledge to use this Pokémon GO gps hack. Some apps will show both your real location and your fake location on the screen, but that is not necessary as you can always turn off the app and return things to normal. Apart from doing simple Pokémon GO hacks like placing your IOS or Android device on a record player or tying it up to a fan in order to increase your mileage, this is the easiest way to trick the game into thinking you are out there actively hunting Pokémon.

The world loves Pokémon GO, and it seems like everyone is obsessed with the game. With obsession come creative ways of manipulating games and some of the ones described are definitely created by people who are excellent at thinking outside the box. Hacks are practical for all those who want to play around with the very core programming of the game, and everyone who lacks the time and will to walk around and play the game conventionally.

Many people find it hard to spend as much time to develop the Pokémon as the game requires. Still it is in the human nature to see all the options the game has to offer, so alternative ways, or gps hacks, are one way to fulfill both desires. It is more than the desire to get all the rewards with little effort that fuels the hackers though, some Pokémon are location specific. Not all Pokémon species can be found in all locations around the world, some are specifically located on different continents.

Remember that certain Pokémon lives in certain conditions, so if you do manage to implement this GPS hack to your Android or IOS device and want to catch a specific Pokémon make sure to visit those places. For bug Pokémon visit forests and meadows, for rock Pokémon go to building, highways, train stations and other concrete environments and for ground Pokémon go to ditches, got roads and similar different locations.

With GPS hacks you will be able to experience the world through your Pokémon GO game. Walk around using Google Earth and you will be able to at least simulate how it would feel to go out there and hunt Pokémon in person. If you do decide to use Pokémon GO hacks please be sure to stay safe and only play with your IOS or Android device if you know what you are doing. It is easy to make a beginner error and inflict damage on your phone or tablet, so keep in mind that you should avoid playing with programming and modifications if you are not entirely sure that you know what you are doing.

Key to enjoyment in Pokémon GO is to always have fun while playing the game. Pokémon GO is such an amazing game with an innovative system that allows players to enjoy a completely new and revolutionary game mechanics. This means that some people will get creative with the game in order to make the most out of it, which can wield interesting results. We described some of the ways people around the world implement hacks to the game, but if you decide to use them be extra careful as it might mean you will get banned from playing the game. Play responsibly and remember to have fun in Pokemon GO!

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