Pokémon Go Location Hack

Location is crucial in the world of Pokémon GO. Sometimes you will find different Pokémon wherever you go, while sometimes it will seem like they are nowhere to be ground. While that seems random there is a very delicate system in place. Different Pokémon are found on different terrains, so rock Pokémon are abundant in areas rich with concrete, bug Pokémon are found in forests, and the pattern continues with different types of Pokémon and terrain.

Since the location is so important it comes as no surprise that creative people around the world developed a lot of Pokémon GO location hacks. These allows you to manipulate your own location without leaving the comfort of your own home. If the game believes you are in a place rich with a certain kind of Pokémon, it will naturally allow you to collect said Pokémon.

Spoof Pokemon Go Location By Changing GPS Coordinates

Different apps that allow you to spoof the location your game believes you are at resurfaced as soon as Pokémon GO became incredibly popular. For the most part they are easy to use and allow the user to reap the benefits of being at a different locations. The urge to collect as many different Pokémon without moving from the comfort of your own home is strong, and these apps allow you to do just that.

They are usually easy to operate. Go to settings and find their security settings. Unknown sources will usually have to be checked in order to allow you to fully use their properties and configure your location. Some will require you to enable developer’s options and activate mock notifications. This means that the app that actively changes your gps location is enabled and ready to configure your Pokémon GO app. Once you activate the app and Pokémon GO you will be able to successfully hack the location and go around the world in order to collect different Pokémon.

Mystery Pokemons in Pokemon GO

Few weeks ago the story of Nick Johnson became viral. He supposedly caught all Pokémon in existence, and is effectively the first user of the app to do so. It is reported that in order to do so he would have to walk 153 kilometers and catch all 142 Pokémon characters. However, as any cartoon and card enthusiast will tell you. There are 151 Pokémon and not 142, so the questions arises – did nick Johnston truly catch them all?

Because of the game’s popularity it comes to no surprise that there already is an answer to this question. Coders with the interest in the game already went through the core code and found out that all Pokémon from the lore are indeed part of the base game. They hacked the location and managed to learn that not only are all Pokémon available but are located outside US. Mr Mime, Kangaskhan and Farcfetched are available at distant continents, but the other six present real mystery.

This only adds to the mystery of the game and allows enthusiasts around the globe to develop interesting theories. Aldough some people have an idea where Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo are the only theory that holds any water is the Mewtwo one. The other three are a complete mystery and it is likely the developers hold the cards close to their chests when it comes to them. The mystery surrounding these “uncatchable” Pokémon adds a whole new dimension that allows Pokémon hunters to daydream about being the first ones to catch them.

Mewtwo is a mystery too, but some people thought long and hard when it comes to him and developed interesting theories. Developers of course love to place Pokémon in regions specific to them, wherever you saw them while watching the shows is where they are in the game. Squirtle, for example, is found next to large bodies of water, so that is where you need to go if you want to catch them.

How To Find Mew In Pokemon Go


So if we follow that train of thought we can determine where Mew can be found. Everyone who watched the iconic Pokémon show remembers that mew was first found near the researcher’s mansion on Cinnabar Island. Now, this is heavy jungle terrain where early researchers observed the Pokémon and tried to learn as much as possible about them. If you played the early Pokémon game you know that there is a journal there which notes the discovery of each new Pokémon.

Mew specifically is found in the depths of Guyana jungle. He is a rather elusive creature that is rarely found out in the open, and researchers need to work hard in order to get their hands on him. Some enthusiastic Pokémon GO players however believe that it is possible to use location hacks in order to find Mew, since venturing into the depths of Guyana jungle is quite unrealistic for the average Pokémon GO player.

If you want to catch Mew you have two options – catch a flight to South America or use one of the location hacks to walk around the jungles of South America via location hacks. The mystery of a certain rare Pokémon residing deep into a jungle on the other part of the world is irresistible to hackers who are developing new and exciting ways to search for Mew. Mew is, of course, famous for being a part of the legendary villainous Team Rocket. Since they appear in almost every episode he has gained a cult following, and is considered a naughty equivalent of Pikachu. They both are main Pokémon of the two teams that are frequently featured in the show.

Developers did an incredibly good job at creating this mystery, especially since Mewtwo is popular because of a prominent role he plays in the show. It is only natural that users want to have this elusive Pokémon in their collection, but they don’t really have anything to go by other than rumors. So Pokémon GO location Hacks become more and more popular since traveling to the jungles of Guyana is not a possibility to the vast majority of players.

How Programmers Hack Pokemon Go Location

Pokémon GO location hacks are different. Some users choose to embrace their inner tech genius and dabble in signal projectors and different kinds of gadgets, while some just decide to download an app and have a go at it. If you decide to do something similar an app make sure it is an app that allows you to manipulate GPS data by using Pokémon GO no survey hacks. Avoid suspicious sources as scams do exist.

Some Pokémon’s GO hack apps will require you to input your email address, so make sure to avoid giving your info to sources you don’t trust. Utilize different apps to solve the dominant mystery of the Pokémon GO community and find Mewtwo! Since a person already found all conventional Pokémon, you can be the first one to truly find all of them and enter you name in the history of the game.

Since this is such an epic achievement, we are sure you would be excused for using one of many ways which allow you to manipulate your GPS location. Having a Mewtwo in your Pokémon collection, and being the first on in the word to achieve that is quite a feat, and will probably be claimed by someone who is skilled when it comes to GPS hacks.

Hacking conventional games is easy, but finding a perfect method of walking around the map of the world while sitting at home can be hard. Because of the different and innovative ways Pokémon Go works it can be tricky to use hacks without being noticed by developers. So make sure you are careful because using a Pokémon GO location hack can mean a ban is impending at any time. If you enjoy playing the game the way it is meant to be played avoid the hacks as you could lose the privilege to play the game at all. Developers have been quick to ban anyone who abuses game mechanics if they manage to catch them. Always be careful and only use Pokémon GO location hacks if you do not mind possibly being banned. Risk is involved so thread carefully and only explore this option if you are ready to manipulate the game while knowing that is forbidden by game developers.

More malicious users have been known to hack the Pokémon GO accounts and gain access to other people’s virtual possessions, but this is not recommended at all as it completely ruins the playing experience of hack victims.

So Pokémon GO joystick hacks are perfect for anyone who wants to finally solve the mystery and find the elusive Mew. They allow you to wonder around the jungles of Guyana while sitting at home. Be wary of bans, use only trustworthy sources and you can satisfy your urge to truly collect them all. When you decide to download apps that allow joystick hacks go out there and search for Mew! Finding such a rare and elusive Pokémon in the jungles of Guyana must be the height of entire Pokémon Go playing experience!


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