Quick Money with Binary Options

There are several ways to make quick money online today, but some methods work better than others. It is definitely harder to make money without having a big bank backing you up, but there are still a few methods that don’t require those huge investments. This guide will show you one of the methods that could give you those quick bucks, without investing a lot of time, effort and money.

Remember, even if you follow this guide from start to finnish, it is definitely normal to lose some of the investments you get into. You can’t expect to win all of your investments, as no trader in the world can do that!

How to Make Quick Money – What’s the Method?

The method described here goes by the name of «Trend Following», and is a Binary Options trading strategy that has been widely used by professionals and is recognized for its effectiveness. The method will require and initial investment of about 200 USD (or whatever your currency is), but if you follow the rules in this guide you could end up turning those 200 into 500 or even 1000.

Binary Options – What is it?

Binary options is a system where a person bets on a currency of choice going either up or down within the next few minutes. By analyzing a graph, the person has to decide on wether the currency is going to increase or decrease in value, and then place a bet of his choice on that decision. Binary options is a quick way to make money as it only takes a few minutes before you know if you’ve won or lost. Lets say you bet 50 USD on a currency going up, you wait a few minutes and if the currency has gone up you win, if not you lose. A win usually gives a profit of 70 %, which means that if you bet 100 USD you will end up getting 170 USD from a win.

The tricky part with this system is knowing wether the currency is going to increase or decrease as the given time to decide is so short. A wise investor once said that in order to get rich you have to set some rules and never break them, which is exactly what this strategy is about. By not making a decision based on your mood and emotions, you will have a greater chance to get a profit.

Binary Options Trading Strategy – How Does it Work?

This binary options trading strategy is quite simple. All you have to do is look a the currency graph and check if the currency has an upward, downward or a neutral trend. If the recent history of an asset shows a constant trend over a period of time, then the probability that the asset is going to continue in that direction is higher than the probability that it’s going to turn around and go the other way. We would therefore bet on the asset going in that same direction.

Now binary options only supports either up or down, which means that if you find the graph to have a 50/50 upward/downward trend then you have to skip that currency and bet on another one.

Here’s an example of how trend following works:

The Upward Trend

This graph shows a clear sign of an upward trend, this means that you bet on the currency going up.

The Downward Trend

This one, on the other hand, has a clear sign of a downward trend. This means that you bet on the currency going down.

The Neutral Trend

With this one we can see that it’s not clear wether it’s an upward or downward trend, this means that we skip this currency and check for another one.

In binary options there’s tons of different currencies that you can bet on, such as USD, EUR, GBP and all of the others, there’s even Bitcoin for those of you who know what that is. With all of these currencies there’s literally endless amounts of graphs that you can analyze, and if you only bet on the ones which are clear then you could win big.

Binary Options – Rules to Follow

When using this binary options strategy you have to follow a few simple rules. One of them is to never bet on a graph which seems to be on a neutral trend. Another rule, and probably the most important rule, is to know how much to bet. The method of trend following is all about winning more trades than you lose, which means you should get profits in the long run. On a bad day you could end up losing some trades in a row, this is why it’s important to to follow this simple rule of investment: never invest more than 10 % of your balance.

Here’s an example:

  • If you have $200 on your account, each bet should be no more than $20
  • If you have $300 on your account, each bet should be no more than $30
  • If you have $500 on your account, each bet should be no more than $50
  • If you have $1000 on your account, each bet should be no more than $100

Binary Options Brokers – Where to Start?

Step 1: Click on the button below to register at our broker of choice.
Step 2: Register an account.
Step 3: Deposit enough funds, we recommend you start with $200 (which is also the minimum).
Step 4: Analyze the graphs and place your bets!
Step 5: If you liked this post, share it with your friends!

And as always, thanks for reading and good luck! :P

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