Super Mario Halloween Edition Download

Super Mario Halloween Edtion is a fun little game to play if you’re bored. This tiny little flash game brings a new twist to the Mario universe by adding a Halloween theme to the game. Dodge and kill the ghosts, shells and all of the other baddies. With this Super Mario Halloween Edtion download you’ll get access to all of the content for free!

Super Mario Halloween Edition Download – What’s Included?

  • Fully featured Super Mario Halloween Edition for PC
  • Choose your graphics!
  • Play as Mario
  • Kill ghosts, shells and other baddies!
  • Family-friendly game

Super Mario Halloween – The Story

The Mario universe has been taken over by ghosts and other halloweeny creatuees. Play as Mario and save the world once more! To play the game, select your preferred graphics quality and click on Mario to start the game. Use your arrow keys to move around and jump.

Super Mario Halloween Edition – How to Install

Step 1: Click on the download button below.
Step 2: Download Super Mario Halloween Edition.
Step 3: Install the game.
Step 4: Play the game!
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Thanks for reading, and as always, good luck! :P

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