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War Thunder Download – What’s New?

War Thunder is an online multiplayer combat game that has been developed by Gaijin Entertainment for PC, MAC and PlayStation 4. It is brand new game and is currently in the open beta phase. The game follows the standard free to play model, and by getting this War Thunder download you will get access to all of the current content for free. The game has it’s inspiration from similar games such as World of Tanks.

War Thunder Free Download – About the Game

When first announced the game went by the name World of Planes, but was later changed to War Thunder due to confusion with the similar competitors aswell as Gaijin wanting the game to focus on other vehicles aswell. Gaijin has planned to add both ground and naval forces to the game where players can choose which forces they want to play with (air, ground and naval). Tanks and such was added as of the open beta version 1.41 to the German and Soviet Union forces. There’s also plans to add them to all of the remaining nations in future updates. Get all of these features, aswell as all of the future updates, by clicking on the War Thunder free download button below and set up your account today!

The naval forces are still in development, but if you play in some of the Arcade and Realistic modes you will be able to take off from naval carriers. There is little known about the naval units so far, but our sources say the main types are going to be Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers. There has also been some speculation regarding Submarines being added to the game aswell, but as of now this is not included in the current War Thunder download.

War Thunder Register – The Aircrafts

There are tons of different types of aircraft in the game already, where each one belongs to a specific nation. More nations will be added as the game goes on, but as of now these are the nations which you may choose from:

The American aircrafts are usually heavily armed, heavily armored energy fighters, with their bombers being known for their huge heavy bomb loads and their durability. These aircrafts are great for “Boom and Zoom” tactics as the planes lack maneuverability but excel in pure firepower. America is at the time of writing the only nation to have seaplanes apart from Japan. You can play as America and all of the other nations by clicking on the War Thunder register button at the bottom!

The Soviet aircrafts are known for their rate of fire and ammo capacity, but also for their bigger guns. This is the perfect nation for beginners as they have better rewards and the Soviet planes are generally speaking quite strong. They do lack the maneuverability that comes with the Japan and Britain aircrafts, though.

German aircrafts are pretty average when it comes to maneuverability and their guns are somewhat weaker than that of the other factions. However, from rank 4 and up they come with cannons which makes them great for the Boom and Zoom tactics.

The British aricrafts are quite powerful for those who know how to use them. With their great maneuverability, the British aircrafts are a powerful force in a turn fight.

The only aircraft that has better maneuverability than the British airforce is the Japanese one. The downside with the Japanese aircrafts is that they are quite fragile. They also lack self sealing fuel tanks, which means that they will most likely fail to survive if set on fire.

War Thunder Sign Up – The Gameplay

Currently War Thunder only supports aicrafts and a limited number of ground vehicles, but as for the future they’re planning on adding more gorund forces aswell as naval forces. As of now the in-game maps have been either directly or indirectly based on real-life battles of the respective era. The average size of maps in War Thunder range from 65×65 km all the way up to 200×200 km, and the engine has been tested to be powerful enough for larger maps which may or may not be implemented in the future. Sounds like something you’ll enjoy? Hit that download button below and get redirected to the War Thunder sign up page!

There are currently 3 game modes in War Thunder: Arcade Battles, Realistic Battles and Simulator Battles.

In the Arcane Mode there are two teams of up to 32 players each, with planes from different nations of similar level. In this game mode a team will win once either all of the enemy aircrafts are destroyed, all ground units are destroyed, the enemy airfield is destroyed, or by capturing enemy airfields by touching down on them for about five second, causing the enemy team to lose points.

Realistic battles have a bigger focus on realism, meaning that planes take more realistic damage, there are realistic g-forces and you need to manage your ammunition.

In Simulator battles the players will be limited by factors such as only first-person view is allowed aswell as physics being slightly more realistic. This mode is quite similar to that of the Realistic battles, but the realism is slightly higher.

Download War Thunder – How to Install

Step 1: Click on the War Thunder register button.
Step 2: Register an account.
Step 3: Download War Thunder.
Step 4: Play the game!
Step 5: If you liked this post share it with your friends!

And as always, thanks for reading and good luck! :P

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