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WinRaR Alternative – About SweetZip

Sweet ZipExtractor is a new program that lets you extract and open zip and rar files. Are you tired of the WinRaR ads? Want to try something else? This is the best WinRaR alternative out there, and it is completely free!

RAR is a compression method that has been named after the russian software engineer Roshal Archive. The file format is designed to minimize memory size by storing related files together, this makes it easier and faster to store and transfer files, but it will require the user to unrar the files with a program before they can be opened again, and this is where Sweet ZipExtractor is useful.

To check out the WinRaR crack alternative, click on the download button at the bottom of this page.

What is Sweet ZipExtractor?

Sweet ZipExtractor is a new, easy and completely free compression program that is based on the 7-Zip method by Igor Pavlov. The compression engine is fast and lets you extract and create files in just a few seconds depending on the file size. It is reliable and works with all of the different files such as rar, zip, gzip, 7-zip and even the iso format. Do not hesitate to check this program out as it has been voted to be the best WinRaR alternative as of 2014.

WinRaR Crack – The Sweet ZipExtractor Features

If you want to try an alternative to the WinRaR crack, click on the download button below and check out the new and improved Sweet ZipExtractor. It is fast, reliable and works with all of the different files such as the rar, zip, ace, lzh, gz, uue, jar, bz2, 7z, z, arj, tar and even the iso format.

One of the best featured with SweetZip is that you can right click on a file and get access to a ton of different options within the menu. All of this makes extracting and archiving very easy, and the program also has a very polished and modern look. You will also have the option to protect your files with passwords should you wish to do that.

WinRaR Cracked – How to Download?

To download Sweet ZipExtractor, the alternative to WinRaR cracked, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Click on the download button to get directed to the WinRaR cracked alternative.
Step 2: Download and install the Sweet ZipExtractor.
Step 3: Extract and open your files!

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